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Hardware examinations in combination with laboratory tests provide comprehensive information about the patient's health. Treatment methods for gynecological diseases depend on the type of pathology identified and the stage of its development. conservative methods of treatment, which include the use of antibacterial, hemostatic and analgesic drugs, immunocorrectors, biostimulants, etc.; surgical methods of treatment, which include conization, cryodestruction, resection (removal of part of lasix), laparoscopy, etc.

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For symptomatic treatment with severe pain syndrome and in the presence of postoperative pain, the following are used: antispasmodics (no-shpa, papaverine); local anesthetics (lidocaine); analgesics (aspirin); sedatives (diphenhydramine).

In the presence of bleeding, drugs are used that increase blood clotting (vicasol, etamsylate, calcium supplements, etc.), as well as drugs that affect the contractility of the uterus (oxytocin, ergotal, etc.).

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can be local and general; includes the use of antibiotics of all groups (the choice of the drug depends on the pathogen); includes the use of lasix various dosage forms - solutions for external and internal use (intramuscular, intravenous and intracavitary), tablets, capsules, suspensions, ointments, creams, suppositories and films.

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In case of intolerance to antibiotics, sulfa drugs are prescribed (it is possible to use them simultaneously with antibiotics to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect). Read More

In the treatment of trichomoniasis, anaerobic and mixed infections, metronidazole is used. biostimulants (Actovegin, aloe preparations); enzyme preparations (lidase, trypsin). For detoxification and for the purpose of replacement therapy for blood loss, infusion therapy is used. Read More

In the treatment of developmental delay, endocrine pathology and as a general strengthening treatment, vitamin therapy is prescribed. Some of the medical procedures prescribed by the gynecologist, the patient can carry out independently (tamponation with medicinal ointments or douching). To carry out laser treatment of cervical erosion and other simple gynecological procedures, you must visit lasix room in the antenatal clinic. Read More

In the process of treating gynecological diseases, it is necessary to observe the mode of work and rest. Physical activity and weight lifting are contraindicated. Centers for obstetrics and gynecology in NEW York - in which institutions are they open 24 hours a day? Centers for obstetrics and gynecology in NEW York - where buy lasix is the highest rating? Read More

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Such a doctor as a gynecologist devoted his professional activities to the study of an amazing science - gynecology. Better than many other specialists, he understands that her emotional state, and her ability to work, and furosemide to reveal herself in the main capacity - the quality of a mother - depend on a woman's health.

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Gynecology as a science appeared relatively recently, much later than such branches of medicine as therapy, surgery and obstetrics. For a long time, the state of the female reproductive system attracted the attention of doctors only furosemide if a woman was waiting for the birth of her child.


But as doctors received more and more information about human health in general, it became clear that the role played by the female genital organs is much more significant and great.


So, it was found that it is the organs of the reproductive system that take an active part in the formation of the general hormonal background of a woman, that under their influence the entire female body is formed, undergoing a number of noticeable changes.


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